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Water Filter

  • Activated carbon powder
    The carbon filter with silver ions added reduces
    chlorine, bad taste and odors. It also reduces
    heavy metals and prohibits the growth of bacteria
    on the surface of the filter cartridge to keep the
    inside of the cartridge always fresh.

  • Encapsulated filter
    Encapsulated filter allows a clean and safe filtration
    process without contamination from the outside.
    The high quality filter media allows for an
    extraordinary clean and safe filter performance.

  • Filter replacement
    The Stiebel Eltron Maxsoft filter cartridge is easy
    to change. The TWIST system allows for the filter
    change without using any tool.
    No plumber or expert is needed.

  • Sturdy design with optimum filter
    The Maxsoft water filter is designed for high
    water comsumption demand. It therefore owns
    a very strong design with the best performing
    filter medias.

  • The user-friendly commercial water
    Able to install with a tee-valve (inlet valve) and
    no electricity is needed; it is very convenient for
    users to chose flexible installation areas. It is
    also suitable to be used commercially or domestically
    with its outstanding performance in the
    •OPEN •CLOSE most compact shape and size.

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