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Water Filter

1. Sediment 5 μm


Reduces silt, rust, sediments and bigger particles than its pore size


2. Activated carbon block 0.5 μm

Coconut carbon

Reduces of bad taste and odors, chlorine, Triholomehtanes, VOC’s, heavy metals (lead, copper,

aluminum, selenium, zinc, iron), calcium hardness and salt

3. EFRO RO less than 0.001 μm

Patented EFRO RO membrane with lowest waste water in the field (REAL 50%)

100% bacteria and virus reduction Removes cysts, algae

Removes heavy metals (lead, copper, aluminum, selenium, zinc, iron), salt and calcium hardness


4. Granular carbon with silver ions

Removes bad tastes and odors Prevents second contamination with silver ions


5. Mineral ceramic balls

Supplies natural mineral back into RO drinking water for better taste and slightly higher pH level

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