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Water Filter

  • 7 stages of well selected filter media are combined in one single filter cartridge. This allows for an extraordinary clean and safe filter performance.
  • Ultrafiltration hollow fiber membrane with a pore size down to 0.01 micron provides instant bacteria free drinking water for you and your family. No electricity needed.
  • Silverlite stone increases the safeness of the whole filter system. It contains silver ions and several minerals to prevent the growth of bacteria inside the filter system and a contamination from the outside of the filter.
  • Far infrared ray and negative ion ceramic balls provide FI rays and minerals and negative ions into drinking water, providing fresh and good taste and helps boosting body metabolism for a better health.
  • A smart display with an indicator having both timer, and flow meter with a beep alarm will set off if the filter has to be changed for user’s safety and convenience.
  • The ON/OFF valve allows an “open” and “close” function directly on the filter unit and provides more convenience in operating the water filter.
  • A stainless-steel flexible pipe with 360 turning radius gives you more flexibility in filling up water glasses, bottles or in washing vegetable and fruits. It enables you to use the drinking water supply in a wider radius without moving your water filter.
  • One-way nozzle valve will prevent several harmful contaminants and microorganism in the air and water from intruding into the filter from the outside. It allows only a water and air flow from the inside to the outside of the filter.

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Filter Media

1. Pre-filter, 5 μm
Pre-filters made from Polyethylene remove sediments and larger particles bigger than. Because of its
special structure, they are extremely space saving and therefore find its applications in the countertop
units "Fountain (AP-1720)".

2. Activated Carbon Block, 0.5 μm
This filter media is made from cocount shells and has an outstanding filter performance. The activated
carbon reduces herbicides and pesticides, adsorbs 97.6% chlorine, voes, TTHMs, turbidity and is able
to remove heavy metals like lead and mercury.

3. Far Infrared Ray Ceramic Balls
Far Infrared Ray Ceramic Balls supply FI rays and minerals into drinking water, providing good taste
and boosting body metabolism.

4. Negative Ions Ceramic Balls
Negative Ion Ceramic Balls provide negative ions into drinking water for a fresh and better taste.

5. Granular Silver Impregnated Carbon
Granular carbon powder improves the taste of the water by reducing chlorine, VOCs and TTHMs. Silver
ions added in the carbon prevent growth of filtered bacteria inside the filter.

6. Ultrafiltration (UFJ Membrane, 0.01-0.1 μm
A micro-porous structured hollow fiber works as an efficient filter to remove bacteria, partly virus and
particles down to 0.01 micron.

7. Silverlite stone
The silverlite stone consists of Cao, SiO2, AIO3, MGO and MnO and is coated with silver ions. Silverlite
has a strong antibacterial effect and prohibits germs to enter the filter media.