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Heat Pump

  • Uses up to 80% of free environmental energy and converts into useful heat
  • Reduces energy costs for hot water demand by up to 80%
  • 60C domestic hot water temperature during heat pump operation
  • High domestic hot water convenience: > 500 liters of mixed water at 40C
  • Safety heat exchanger
  • Weather-proofed, wind-resistant casing for outdoor installation
  • Coated evaporator for salt resistance, good for seaside environments
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Extremely low thermal losses through CFC-free thermal PU-insulation
  • Easy and safe saving installation, long-life tank
  • Heating-up time for built-in 300-liter tank is only 4.8 hours (*)
  • One of best alternatives for warm water supply system in single family house
  • Durable, compact dimensions suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation

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  • Savings up to more than 80% of Energy Costs for Domestic Hot Water Production
  • One of the Highest COP Heat Pumps in the Market tested under German Law - Erp
  • Label A+
  • Very Easy to Install and to Maintan (Plug & Play)
  • Maintanance Free Current Anode
  • Special Designed In- and Outletpipes for best Stratification inside the Tank
  • Easy accessible Refrigerant Circiut from all Sides - Removeable Hood
  • Very Robust Rollbond Condenser with expansion joint for long Lifetime and Efficiency
  • All Refrigerant Component protected and special covered - no corrosion
  • Hydrphilic covered Evaporator for challaging Areas of Application - Sea Side and salty Air
  • Closed Plastic Top for Water Protection of the Tank with special Condensate Drain
  • Completely Protected Tank form Inside and Outside
  • Extremly Sound Insulated and therefore very Quit - 45 dB(A) in 1 m Dustance free
  • Field 70mm thick High Class Insulation for almost no Heat Loss
  • Smart Grid Ready - Future orientated Technology to use own produced Photovotaic Electricity
  • Robust Carton Box with Wooden Palette for perfect and safe Handeling - also on
  • Pick up Truck