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Hand Dryer

  • Award-winning European design
  • Sensor control
  • Durable plastic casing to avoid damage
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Water/splash-proof to IP 23 electrical safety standard
  • Quiet operation at only 54 decibels
  • Meets European EN 60335-1 standard

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The handdryer remains the most hygienic and economical solution for drying your hands in a washroom. There are no hand towels to provide and wash, or paper towels to dispose of or refill constantly. If required, additional fragrance sticks can provide a fresh ambience to bathrooms and toilets.

When choosing this dryer, you are not only deciding on a very hygienic alternative, you also stand to save a great deal of time and money for your business.

The HTE Electronic is a real hit, not least because of its extraordinarily quiet operation. An intelligent infra-red proximity sensor switches the unit on when you hold your hands 6 to 12 cm under the air outlet, and automatically swtiches off when you remove them. The robust casing protects the delicate interior against damage, while the overall design prevents objects such as cigarette butts from being deposited on the casing.