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Eliminate Household Brackish Tap Water Problems With Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier from STIEBEL ELTRON

January 22nd, 2020 Bangkok, Thailand – The drought has presented an ongoing problem in Thailand and in 2020, the drought has reached Thailand faster than ever before with numerous reports indicating that the  rising sea level has a direct effect on brackish water as there is salty ocean water mixed with fresh water.  Evidently, a glass of brackish water (200 ml) contains 35 milligrams of sodium chloride, while the limitation of sodium intake for an average person should not exceed 2,000 milligrams per day. This means that if you drink 10 glasses of unpurified brackish water per day, you will have already consumed 350 milligrams of sodium chloride which is considered to be very high. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to minimize sodium chloride in drinking water because we already consume a high amount of sodium from other food sources on a daily basis. Eliminating sodium chloride in water can be done through the utilization of a water purifier with the Reverse Osmosis (RO) system that can help get rid of different minerals including sodium chloride as well as removing any salty tastes from your tap water.    

Glacier, the water purifier developed by STIEBEL ELTRON, features a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system that comes in a compact size complete with advance water purifying technology and crafted with exceptional engineering standards from Germany. Users can be assured that the drinking water is clean and safe with Eco Friendly RO (EFRO) membrane, the patented membrane from STIEBEL ELTRON that had been certified to have the lowest waste water in the field at 50% as well as removing virus, bacteria, brackish and salty water, in addition to heavy metals (lead, copper, aluminum, selenium, zinc, iron), and sodium chloride from tap water. Additionally, the Glacier water purifier also comes with the ‘Twist’ function where users can change the filter cartridge with relative ease, simply by twisting the filter without having to use any additional tools and can be installed in the sink or on the ceiling.    

The Glacier water purifier and other STIEBEL ELTRON products are available now in major department stores, electrical appliances stores and online at Lazada, Shopee, and JDCentral.

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