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IL Series 35 EC / 45 EC
3,500 / 4,500 Watts




Wellness function is a refreshing? hot/cold therapy and it is incredibly effective.; The idea is that by transitioning from a hot water to a cold water environment -or vice-versa- you are stimulating your body, especially your circulatory and lymphatic systems.

The hot to cold or cold to hot transition, actually causes your blood vessels to expand and contract in reaction to the environment. When your blood vessels expand, the blood flow slows as the vessels loosen. Then when your blood vessels are moved to cold water, they contract and tighten. The blood flow speeds up. Your circulatory system is stimulated.

The same occurs in your lymphatic system, and many therapists believe this therapy is helpful in detoxing or inspiring healing in a slow or lagging lymphatic system.

You will notice your skin becoming red due to the increased circulation. This therapy is also invigorating, relaxing tense muscles and gets circulation moving. What great way to start or end a day.





• Lage coloured LCD display

• Clock backup batter

• ELCB protection against electricity leakage

• Easy and safe to operate

• Splash proof (IP 25)

• 5 in 1 chrome accessories

• Works even with low pressure

• Microcontroller temperature stabilizer



Child Safetyan exclusive feature that adds to your peace of mind. When this is activated, the temperature will be limited to a maximum of 35?C to protect the your loved ones from accidental scalding. Your safety is only our number one concern.


Precise temperature with the digital temperature display, you get exactly what you want, your comfort temperature. Just choose the desired temperature and power will adjust automatically. No more too hot or too cold. No need to constantly adjust power regulator and water valve. Just pure comfort


Time-Date in living colors, time day and date is conveniently displayed. Whether you in a rush or just want to take extra more time in enjoying the luxury of a sooth warm shower, you will always be on time.

Memory functionset up to 3 preferred temperatures. You can set a lower temperature to perk you up in the morning. Then set another to a higher temperature to cap your day with a warm relaxing shower. Just one press of a button and you will instantly get what you desire.


Multi colored display liven up your shower experience with the multi colored digital display. In exuberating vibrant colors, this user friendly set up will surely be another delight to your day.

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IL Series 35 EC / 45 EC

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