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WWK 300
The WWK 300 ... is an air to water heat pump, it utilizes environmental energy on the smallest footprint. It can extract up to 80% of free energy from the air. With compact dimension, it can be installed both inside and outside without any cause for concern. There it utilizes the energy latent in the ambient air to provide enough hot water for a detached house.

The WWK 300 uses energy from the environment. It all happens in a circuit of special refrigerant. On normal state, this refrigerant is in low pressure liquid form . As it passes through the evaporator, it transforms to gas and in that process, the ambient heat energy is also absorbed. Then the compressor pressurized the gas which causes further rise in temperature. This heat build up is then transferred to another circuit which heats up the water. The refrigerant is then transformed back to its original state and the cycles continues. In the whole process, the compressor uses approximately only a quarter of the total energy and three quarts are drawn from the environment.

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WWK 300

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