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Water Heater

  • Touch control
  • Automatic cut-off to prevent scalding
  • Heat and flame resistant PCB set.
  •  High Pressure and heat resistant copper tank.
  • ELCB for electrical shock prevention.
  • Works even with low water pressure.
  •  Automatic flow switch on/off control.
  • Water proof to IP 25 electrical safety standard.
  • SPA : The original Hot & cool concept function is simple hot/cold therapy and it is incredibly.
  • ECO : this shower unit will automatically increase or reduce the amount of power required for a                              shower according to the preferred temperature set by user.
  • MEMORY : 2 temperature settings for a lower tempereture to perk you up in the morning. Then set another to a higher temperature to cap your day with a warm relaxing shower.
  • CHILD SAFETY : the temperature will be limited to a maximum of 35 0c to protect your child from accidental scalding.
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